About su mitra

su mitra is a West Africa focused management consulting firm that provides strategy and consulting services in the areas of Mining and Agriculture. We have worked extensively in this region for many years and have successfully obtained several mining concessions and very large traces of agriculture land for our clients.

Over the past 4-years we have evaluated hundreds of resource and mining opportunities across the globe. This resulted in successful acquisition of several Coal, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Gold, Manganese and Beach Mineral concessions, permits and mining assets.

In agriculture, we have helped clients develop their Agriculture Strategy for Africa. We have identified, negotiated and procured large traces of land and provided assistance to set-up and develop their operations.

West Africa has a very complex political and cultural landscape. Leveraging our local network and understanding of African Nations inner workings, we have successfully delivered on all our mandates.

We understand WHAT it takes and HOW to get the blessings and buy in from the Federal Government, Regional Governors, Local Chiefs and Villagers. This is the KEY that enables us to successfully obtain, permits and clearances.